Ca'n Costa

Casa fundada en 1594

El Restaurante más antiguo de Alcúdia

Majorcan Kitchen - Specialities


1. Bread and olives (p.p)1,75
2. Allioli (p.p)1,80
3. Toasted bread with tomato1,65
4. "Trempó" salad with shellfish and vegeables10,50
5. "Sopas mallorquinas" thin slices of bread dipped in broth with vegetables7,50
6. "Tumbet" variety of vegetables, potatoes and tomato sauce7,50
7. "Frito mallorquín" liver, potatoes, vegetables and aromatic herbs8,50
8. "Frito marinero" shellfish, potatoes, vegetables and aromatic herbs10,50
9. Spicy green peppers "Padrón"7,50


10. Mixed paella (mín. 2 pers. p.p)13,50
11. Fish and shellfish paella (mín. 2 pers. p.p)15,50
12. Vegetable paella (mín. 2 pers. p.p)13,50
13. Cod paella (mín. 2 pers. p.p)16,00
14. "Fideu´" noodle paella (mín. 2 pers. p.p)13,50
15. Black rice (mín. 2 pers. p.p)15,50
16. "Arroz brut" rice soup with variety of meats, vegetables and spices (mín. 2 pers. p.p)13,50

Fish Dishes

17. Cod fillet gratin with garlic and honey17,75
18. Cod fillet with roasted red peppers17,75
19. Cod fillet with "sobrasada" (majorcan sausage)17,75
20. Jhon Dory fillet Majorcan style (vegetables, raisen, pinenut and potatoes)16,50
21. Stuffed squid with meat and shellfish sauce17,00
22. Mussels Majorcan style (vegetables, raisen, pinenut and white wine)13,50
23. "Suquet de pescado" soup with variety of fish and shellfish (mín. 2 pers. p.p)15,50
24. "Caldereta de langosta" lobster stew (to orden in advance)s.p.m

Meat Dishes

25. Stuffed aubergines with meat and vegetables (seasonal)13,50
26. Pork loin with cabbage, reisen and pinenut (seasonal)13,50
27. Rabbit with onion and prawns16,50
28. Grilled rabbit15,50
29. Roast suckling pig16,50
30. Baked lamb shoulder19,00

Kid's Menu

31. Spaguetti bolognaise7,50
32. Fish fillet in batter6,00
33. Chicken breast6,50
34. Porc escalope7,50
35. Croquettes6,00
36. Chicken wings7,00
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Ca'n Costa
C/ Sant Vicenc, 14
(07400) Alcúdia
Tel. 971 54 53 94

Rosa y Margarita
Juan Manuel